Veris Needs You!


Welcome to Veris – a predominantly Human kingdom nestled in a lush, semi-hidden valley. The kingdom is protected from the worst the world has to offer by it's towering mountain ranges and the savage defenders known as the Veris Guard. Veris has enjoyed a long century of peace thanks to the work of a small group of the Veris Guard known simply as The Guardians. The Guardians are a group of champions chosen by the gods to protect Veris from existential threats. 

You've trained your whole life to be one of the Veris Guard, and there are whispers that a threat is looming over Veris once again. The demons have been raiding more frequently recently, and more and more Guards are dying in the field or from mysterious circumstances. Some in the Guard have even gone so far as to predict that The Guardians will reappear soon.

The Veris Guard